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TNA logoTransition Newton Abbot has emerged from the energy and enthusiasm of people living, working and caring about the environment and community of the town and surrounding area of Newton Abbot.

Starting from deep concerns around the issues of Peak Oil and Climate Change, the Group is setting up projects in our own locality. We are part of a worldwide movement of over 453 official initiatives plus 377 places mulling it over (Mullers) in 34 countries (set up since 2006!) and the movement is still growing.

At the same time, our group is growing rapidly and the more people we have to help, the more we can achieve.

Transition Newton Abbot is about practical action. It is about local people caring for their own environment and getting out there and doing something about it. The problems created by Climate Change and Peak Oil are real and are happening. Transition is about positive action and doing things in our own locality that make a difference.

Some of this work is practical, such as the community garden, some is about relaying the message, such as the events. For more details contact



What or (Watt) links New York with Newton Abbot?TNA logo


Sunday Sept 21st meet at 10.45 am at Newton Station – Walk and Talk Energy with Transition’s Dr Watt and friends  

 What or (Watt) links New York with Newton Abbot? As world leaders gather in New York on Sept 23rd  for an historic Climate Change summit, Transition Newton Abbot joins the action on Sunday the 21st.

While others are marching in London through Westminster to pressure David Cameron ,  we want to talk energy matters past and present at a wholly local level. How are climate change , use of fossil fuels and global warming intimately entwined and what can we do about this at a local and personal level?

 Are Renewables the answer? Watt about Community Energy for Newton Abbot? Energy saving? Watt about development? Can practices in the past help us with our future? Have we become victims of our own progress? How can we tread more lightly? If you have views on any of these or other matters , we’d love to talk to you.

 Meet outside the station in Newton Abbot at 10.45am on Sunday 21st Sept and we’ll start our walk and talk at 11am. We’ll take in several of the Newton Abbot Energy Sculptures and exchange views and stories. Look out for Dr Watt , it may be a light-bulb moment.

 contact postie for more info or to say you are coming, thanks:

BOOK GROUP – NEXT MEETING on Tuesday September 23rd at 8PM

‘CARBON FIELDS’ by Graham Harvey we have decided to re-visit this book as some of us haven’t read it yet. It is as relevant as ever dealing with the important issue of soil and its pivotal role in food production, climate change and our health. There are copies of this book in Newton Abbot Library.

New members welcome or just read along with us and send us your thoughts and comments via Postie. If you’ve read a book you would like to recommend , please let us know, we’re always open to suggestions.

See our previous reads by going to the Book Group page. Everyone is welcome. Contact Postie for meeting details


NTT - Newton Transition Together

still available in 2014 and still very relevant with energy bills rising despite interventions from the government!

Come together

Cut your household costs

Cut your carbon emissions

Make a New Year Resolution to reduce your carbon footprint with a little help from your friends

The aim of the NTT programme is to become more aware of the areas in your own house where consumption is the greatest and decide what you want to tackle. 

You delve into your household’s habits in  SIX key areas :

Electricity, Heating, Water, Food, Transport and Waste .  You will find that reducing your carbon footprint can be fun as well as useful to the household purse.  

You won’t be doing this alone. The programme brings together different households to discuss areas to be tackled and to share successes and challenges. 4-5 households is ideal. You take it in turns to host your meetings.
NTT- Newton Transition Together is here.
Come and join us.
We are happy to organise an info session for you and some friends so for more info contact us at


 I am keen to get a community renewables energy initiative started.

Exeter Community Energy has already been set up It will be launching a community share offer in April, which will raise money to buy around 100kWp of solar panels. The panels will be installed, commissioned and producing community-owned green energy by this summer.

How about a similar initiative for Newton Abbot or Teignbridge? I would very much welcome others joining me.

Contact Jackie Brodie



Woodfuel 3

Newton Abbot Woodfuel Project – Bradley Woods

Next dates autumn 2014 contact Ralph 01626 333269 or

The Newton Abbot Woodfuel project is an exciting new initiative set up by Transition Newton Abbot (TNA) in partnership with the National Trust, the owners of the Bradley manor estate with its large areas of magnificent woodland

What the project can offer you

The project will give the opportunity for local people to help the National Trust’s woodland management programme and at the same time enable them to collect wood for heating their homes.  In the past an important benefit of woodland management was the harvesting of fire wood, usually from coppicing and thinning.  The project is designed to appeal to the increasing popularity of wood as fuel for home heating and to the practice of low-impact woodland management, with its connections to conservation, connection to the natural world and woodland “bodging” crafts. 

How it works

The project will have set activity days during the winter of 2013-14.  To take part you will need to become a member of the TNA wood fuel project which entails signing up to a code of practice and the payment of a nominal seasonal fee of £3, which goes towards the payment of insurance and other costs.  (Note: the current season is from December 2013 – March 2014.)

Dates for 2014

The first successful project day was on Tuesday 10th December. Great fun! Next date in 2014 :  Sunday March 2nd. If we have a successful season we will increase the number of project days for the winter of 2014-15.  Advance notice of the project days will be sent to all on the TNA email list and other interested parties.

 For further information, contact the Ralph Mackridge on 01626 333269 or or

Community Garden – Pizza Oven Inauguration December 2013IMG_3261

We got to fire up and inaugurate our lovely new clay pizza oven. Thanks to the people who helped build it which was a useful learning experience.

The weather was kind to us as we all composed our own toppings and waited for the results. PERFECT!  Thanks to Fuad and Akiko for doing the dough for the bases. Thanks to Ruth for her mince pies and Betina her savoury pastries, cleverly pre-baked, but warmed up in the oven.  The oven worked well and provided a talking point too. We hope to get more use out of it later in the year when the weather improves.

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us.

LATEST NEWS -FLOOD DAMAGE in the garden !!!!!

The really heavy rain and the flooding of the Lemon have caused a lot of damage in the garden with some of the logs arond the raised beds having been swept away. Luckily the pizza oven is on high ground but the water almost reached the shed!!!! The garden team is assessing the damage and seeing what they can do. If you plan to go down there and see what’s going on PLEASE contact Betina first to find out the state of play




Just a butter fun!  Transition Newton Abbot Local Food Group took up the “Come Dine with Me” local sourcing challenge and re-skilling.

Having decided to spice up our meeting by eating a meal together, what a magnificent meal it turned out to be!  The cooks showed amazing resourcefulness in providing a super local spread. The greens on display were a combination of allotment produce and foraged plants , including wood sorrel, ransoms and dandelion leaves. Our dressing prepared with rape seed oil from Kingsbridge and cider vinegar produced by one of the team and local honey. Even our salt was sourced from  Cornwall ! All accompanied by home-baked bread with flour from Otterton Mill. This was just for starters! The mains were allotment-grown leeks and purple sprouting with Somerset spelt risotto with home-made cider from Newton Abbot apples and for the carnivores tender succulent Occombe Farm beef stew. Washed down with local beer , cider or apple juice.

It just got better and better- pud being local plum crumble and home-made fruit ice-cream from last year’s frozen fruit. Organic cream from Riverford topped it all off. PHEW!!!

After all that intake you think we might have needed a rest, but no the intrepid diners had a further challenge. Another batch of Riverford cream whipped us up into a frenzy when we tried  to churn butter manually, armed solely with a whisk. Everyone of us had several goes with many a secret technique being employed. In the end we had to give in and go electric for the final churn. What satisfaction to do this together and produce something for everyone to take home. The elbow grease certainly made us appreciate the process. As you can see we did end up with quite a creditable product. Chop up some ransoms and hey presto – garlic butter!

The whole exercise makes you stop and think about what we buy and where it’s produced , but also what a real challenge it is to source everything locally. We plan to do more of these evenings. If you are interested in finding out more about the concept or hosting one yourself contact TNA Local Food Group via  We are passionate about local food we hope you are, Come Dine with Us ! For more info on local produce and producers go to the Local Food and Drink Guide at


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