Transition Newton Abbot – LATEST EVENTS

Wed December 2nd  19.30 –TNA AGM contact postie for details of venue

Wed December 9th –TNA and TECs stall at Newton Abbot Xmas Fayre- Pop along and see us near the Clock Tower from early evening until 9pm

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Tuesday December 10th TNA BOOK GROUP MEETING  at 8pm in Newton Abbot We will be discussing ‘Drinking Molotov Cocktails with Gandhi’ by Mark Boyle (see below for more details)

Transition Newton Abbot has emerged from the energy and enthusiasm of people living, working and caring about the environment and community of the town and surrounding area of Newton Abbot.

Starting from deep concerns around the issues of Peak Oil and Climate Change, the Group is setting up projects in our own locality. We are part of a worldwide movement of over 453 official initiatives plus 377 places mulling it over (Mullers) in 34 countries (set up since 2006!) and the movement is still growing.

At the same time, our group is growing rapidly and the more people we have to help, the more we can achieve.

Transition Newton Abbot is about practical action. It is about local people caring for their own environment and getting out there and doing something about it. The problems created by Climate Change and Peak Oil are real and are happening. Transition is about positive action and doing things in our own locality that make a difference.

Some of this work is practical, such as the community garden, some is about relaying the message, such as the events. For more details contact

Teign Energy Communities (TECs)

Putting Energy into the Community

TECs Support Forum is made up of local people with a range of skills . We are very keen to support TECs , it’s always good to have more people invovled. Here we are waiting for you The Team : David, Jackie and me, Helen (I’m taking the photo)  There is scope for web-site data entry, managing the newsletter and database, press releases and flyers, making contacts on behalf of TECs, and much more.

If you happen to have legal skills we would be very interested in hearing from you. We need specific help with the legal aspects of our share offer. Please contact us via

TECs support forum june 10 2015 What do we want to achieve?

We want everyone in our local area to become more aware and engaged with their use of energy, so energy becomes as familiar to people as money. If you share our vision and would like to get invovled then please click below for more detailed info on the initaitive. There is a list of areas where we need people plus specific skills and expertise we would welcome

How are we doing so far?

The Tecs website is up and running please go to and have a look . Feedback always welcome.

TECs is now officially registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a Community Benefit Society. It’s been a long haul but now we’re there.

Our first collaboration is with Teign School . We are in discussions with the school about identifying a Teign School Energy champion to co-ordinate the engagement with the issue of enery use and renewable energy. Both Science and Geography have new modules on renewable energy in the curriculum. This live example could prove very useful for the students. Sixth formers and other areas of the curriculum can get involved from an awareness-raising/ engagement point of view. The potential is very exciting. We have met the Senior Leadership Team and have their full support.

During phase one we joined joined forces with some great organisations in the local area i.e. TEIGN HOUSING; TEMPLER ACADEMY SCHOOLS TRUST; THE AVENUE CHURCH. We also have support from Teignbridge District Council in this phase. We’ve been very pleasantly surprised by the speed of developments

We also benefit from a 3 year support programme from RegenSW .IMG_20140921_110143662

What next?

Our first installation and engagement around energy at TEIGN SCHOOL , Kingsteignton

Applying for a larger grant of £20,000 from the Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF)This is still on-going as we have had to change our proposals in light of recent goverment changes. Our application has received a positive response, we just need to tweek it a littel. Fingers crossed!

For more information go to Community Energy under the main ENERGY tab or click here.

 NEXT MEETING TNA BOOK GROUP TuesdayDecember 10th at 8pm in Newton Abbot (Postie for address details )Image: front cover

We will be discussing ‘Drinking Molotov Cocktails with Gandhi’ by Mark Boyle

More than ever, people are longing for deep and meaningful change. Another world is not only possible; it is essential. Yet despite our creative and determined efforts to attain social justice and ecological sustainability, our global crises continue to deepen.

In Drinking Molotov Cocktails with Gandhi, bestselling author Mark Boyle argues that our political and economic system has brought us to thebrink of climate catastrophe, ransacking ecosystems and unravelling communities for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many. He makes a compelling case that we must “rewild” the political landscape, as history teaches us that positive social change has always been wrought by movements prepared to use any means available. The time has come for pacifists, revolutionaries, and freedom fighters to work together for the creation of a world worth sustaining. Eloquent, visionary and beautifully written, this incendiary manifesto strikes at the heart of the world’s crises and reframes our understanding of how to solve them, signaling a turning point in our journey towards an ecologically just society.

The three R’s of the climate change generation — reduce, reuse, and recycle — are long overdue for an upgrade. Welcome to resist, revolt, rewild.

See our previous reads by going to the Book Group page. Everyone is welcome. We are a friendly bunch

NTT – Newton Transition Together

still available in 2014 and still very relevant with energy bills rising despite interventions from the government!

Come together

Cut your household costs

Cut your carbon emissions

Make a New Year Resolution to reduce your carbon footprint with a little help from your friends

The aim of the NTT programme is to become more aware of the areas in your own house where consumption is the greatest and decide what you want to tackle. 

You delve into your household’s habits in  SIX key areas :

Electricity, Heating, Water, Food, Transport and Waste .  You will find that reducing your carbon footprint can be fun as well as useful to the household purse.  

You won’t be doing this alone. The programme brings together different households to discuss areas to be tackled and to share successes and challenges. 4-5 households is ideal. You take it in turns to host your meetings.
NTT- Newton Transition Together is here.
Come and join us.
We are happy to organise an info session for you and some friends so for more info contact us at


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