Book Club November 2016

‘Being a Beast’ by Charles Foster divided opinion quite strongly.  Two people really loved his writing the rawness and immediacy of his experiences, as well the rich language and ideas not previously encountered in other similar writings on trying to get under the skin of another animal.  They fully embraced the nature of his proposition and found it had a lot to teach us humans about using redundant senses we have lost touch with, and about other creatures we share this earth with.

  The other reaction was one of finding the book more a focus and a vehicle for the writer himself and his quests than about the animals featured. The writing felt a bit contrived and over-rich. Fascinating in the extremeness of the exploits which were at times hard to get your head round. Some interesting insights about creatures from other writings popped up along the way. Writer a very unusual and interesting character.

  Good book for a lively discussion so great choice.

  The ‘Goat Song’ book was a completely different kettle of fish (or goat), much gentler and softer and of course dealt with domesticated animals. Interesting history about pastoral life , how our language is steeped in images of pastoralism and about the image of the goat in society.  It developed very slowly. Whetted my appetite for making cheese, please! This book was less contentious therefore not so much time spent on it. – Helen