Garden Sharing

What is Garden Sharing?

Jiri watering raised beds

There are many garden owners with free space who would be pleased to see part of their garden used productively, but lack the time required.

Garden sharing allows this space to be used by someone who may otherwise not have access to growing space, with benefits for both owner and grower!


Garden Sharing Benefits

There are many benefits of garden sharing…

  • The owner’s garden is brought to life with fruit and vegetables
  • The owner gets a share of the produce, grown in their very own garden
  • A keen would-be gardener is able to pursue their hobby
  • Garden sharing allows for more people to connect within the community
  • Food is produced locally, which itself has many benefits


The Landshare Network…

The most high-profile garden sharing scheme in the UK is the Landshare project, initiated by Hugh Fernley-Wittingstall. 

This network aims to connect land owners and keen growers, and currently has over 75,000 members across the UK. You can register either as an owner, with land to spare, or a grower, with enthusiasm for gardening. 

On the Landshare website you’ll also find a wealth of background information, including case studies, sample agreements, and other advice.