Energy Group

In 2015, the TNA Energy group decided to broaden its activities into Community Energy. Since then we’ve set up a separate social enterprise to cover the whole of Teignbridge. The new Community Benefit Society TECs, has very similar aims and objectives. TECs has taken on much of the work the TNA Energy group did and added a number of other objectives.

If you are interested in any aspects of the TNA Energy group, please contact TECs.

Aims and Scope of the Energy Group


We are part of the Transition Newton Abbot CIC and agree with the principles and systems of that movement (reference The Transition Handbook by Rob Hopkins).  It is about the transition to greater local resilience to deal with the inevitability of Peak Oil and environmental changes including Climate Change.

Our main aim is raising awareness of, and improving, our carbon footprint which we understand to mean:

  • minimising energy consumption
  • moving towards more environmentally, as well as commercially, sustainable energy generation

We plan to do this at a number of levels:

  • personal individual
  •  local organisational (businesses, government, and others)
  • local political

Local here means Newton Abbot and its surrounding areas, towns and villages.

Initiating and Running Projects/Actions

Any member of the group can initiate a project or action which meets the aims and scope of the group.  They can run these themselves or act in a supporting role with others.  The only plea we would make is that people make personal commitments that they can keep.  If this proves difficult, please let those who are depending on you know in good time!

We encourage our members to talk to their family, friends and colleagues:

  •  about their carbon footprint,
  • ask them to speak to others as well
  • ask them if they would like to join the energy group by attending our meetings and or be on the e-mail mailing list.

Working Together

Membership of the group is open to anyone.  We communicate by e-mail (in line with our Mail Guidelines) and meet approximately once every 4-6 weeks for about 1.5hrs to talk about projects and actions (in a friendly setting!).

For information about what projects we are planning and when we meet or how to contact us please contact

We have provided some useful ENERGY links and contact phone numbers if you have questions about Energy Saving and Generation.  Should you not find what you are looking for please contact us and we’ll try to help.

Current Initiatives

We have a number of activities which you can join or initiate one in your area: