This group is no longer operating as a CIC, please contact TECs for further information.

Secretary’s Report for 5th AGM (May 2015)

It is with great sadness that I have to report the passing of two HaRE members. Richard Stackhouse, who died suddenly in early 2015 and Maggie Thompson who died in 2014 after a longer illness. Maggie’s husband Bret has moved away to live with his relatives, so can no longer be involve.

The efforts of HaRE and the Parish Council to organise a response to the Local Development Plan has been a worthwhile exercise. The proposed development along Long Lane, overlooking the Haccombe Valley, was withdrawn by Teignbridge District Council in its adopted Local Plan.

While several initiatives continued in 2014, there were no formal meetings apart from the AGM.


Simon has been managing the firewood bulk-buy scheme and has managed to ensure that most payments have been settled. of the 36 m3, 26 m3 have been processed, taken off site and paid for. It has been suggested that any future deliveries could be made to a more central place (e.g. Bob’s).

Two Directors have continued their work on the Parish’s Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) committee. Some progress has been made, but this has been very slow. The question whether the NDP should identify numbers and locations for new development is one area of uncertainty.

The Apple processing this year has seen a significant improvement; the net curtains have been replaced with Eucalyptus enclosure and stainless steel mesh for the apple press. We have also produced a small ‘batch’ of sparkling cider. Everyone who tried the various products agreed that this year’s was the best so far (Apple Juice, Cider, Sparkling Cider & Cider Vinegar).

Road repairs, recycling/bins, energy saving help and bulk buy schemes continue to be organised by different directors on an ad-hoc basis.

Richard’s suggested tool/equipment sharing scheme was successfully launched with the HaRE Trailer scheme. The model has now been working for a year, long enough to consider how useful it is and whether other similar schemes could be set up.

A Community Energy initiative was discussed in early 2014. Although the proposal for this was not taken up by HaRE members, the initiative was launched by Transition Newton Abbot. A public meeting was held in November 2014 at which it was agreed to pursue the idea further.


We have 15 fully paid up members and parish residents.

The company finance report is attached, this will be submitted in accordance with company and taxation requirements. Bob, our Treasurer, has successfully completed our Companies House accounts and HMRC’s corporation tax declaration for 2013.