Please contact us if you are interested in this initiative.

Kingsteignton Transition Together – cut your bills with a little help from your friends!

Kingsteignton Transition Together” is a way for people in Kingsteignton to get together to save money on bills, heat their homes more cheaply, share their knowledge and concerns about how to deal with daily life, reduce their carbon footprint, make new friends and have a good time.

Although these things are already happening in our community, there is a new project in Kingsteignton to increase local resilience to the difficulties we all face, as well as future challenges.

Groups of households work out ways to deal with energy bills, water, local food, transport and waste to benefit themselves and the community as a whole.

How does this happen? Through an easy-to-understand and attractive workbook that will guide the groups through a journey of 7-10 meetings, learning from the information provided and from each other’s experience. Together you can experiment and take useful actions, supporting each other along the way. It’s easier to make changes with a little help from your friends!

Support to households around energy saving is currently available from Devon County Council, Teignbridge District Council etc, but it’s nice to have a helping hand to work out how to apply it to our own households. (see Information & Advice)

A group of 7-8 people seems to work well and can be hosted in a different house every time, or you can meet in the hall, the Hub or the pub. It can be a real journey through different homes and hospitality styles as well!

Our group facilitator, Massimo, will help to start the process and keep it going and be there for any concerns or extra advice.

And remember … more friends are more valuable than more money!

If you like the idea and want to be involved or just to know more about it, please call or write to Massimo max.ktt@transitionnewtonabbot.org.uk 0755 4202093 or call Jane on 01626 366347.

Kingsteignton Transition Together is funded by the “Awards for All, Big Lottery” fund and developed by Kings Care League of Friends and Transition Newton Abbot.