Information for KTT Groups

Information and advice for Kingsteignton Transition Together Groups

Free advice and support , as well as grants are available to improve the energy efficiency of your home . Surprisingly only a few people apply for them, despite the information being published on websites and in the local newspaper.

Households of KTT groups will receive trustworthy advice on what is on offer . Doing things together will help a lot in generating interest and gaining confidence.

Below you will find a regularly updated list of the schemes currently available in Kingsteignton area.


CosyDevon scheme (Teignbridge District Council’s home insulation scheme)

cosy devon
Insulating your home is one of the most effective measures householders
can take to save energy, with up to a third of heat loss in an
uninsulated home being through the walls and a quarter through the roof.

How can CosyDevon Help? CosyDevon offers FREE and DISCOUNTED offers for
loft and cavity wall insulation to homeowners and private tenants in
Devon – helping you keep warm this winter as well as making savings on
your fuel bills.

Warm Front grant scheme (National heating grant scheme)

WarmFrontWebSitewarmfrontThe Warm Front scheme provides heating
and insulation improvements to households on certain income-related
benefits living in properties that are poorly insulated and/or do not
have a working central heating system.Qualifying households can get improvements worth up to £3,500
(£6,000 where oil central heating and other alternative technologies
are recommended).Grants are available for improvements such as:
  • loft insulation
  • draughtproofing
  • cavity wall insulation
  • hot water tank insulation
  • gas, electric, liquid petroleum gas or oil heating
  • glass-fronted fire – the Warm Front scheme can convert your
    solid-fuel open fire to a glass-fronted fire

You won’t have to pay anything as long as the work doesn’t
cost more than the grant available. If the cost of the work is more
than the grant available you’ll have to make a contribution to enable
work to go ahead. Work will not start without making sure you are
willing and able to pay the difference.


Boiler Scrappage Scheme (Teignbridge District Council’s scheme)

BoilerScrappageWebSiteteignbridgeThe installation of an efficient heating system
is an effective way of reducing household energy bills and CO2
emissions.Who Qualifies?Private homeowners and tenants who are 75 years old or
over and who have an overall annual
household income below £16,000 or who are
of any age and receive disability living allowance (middle or higher
care rate) are eligible to apply for a voucher. Qualifying households
can apply for assistance if their boiler is E, F or G rated (or worse).
The scheme is open to qualifying residents living in all areas of