Community Garden

Vicary’s Field Community Garden


Vicary’s Field Community Garden is one of the key projects of Transition Newton Abbot (TNA), and aims to provide a pleasant community space and growing area for local people.  Please refer to our Aims & Objectives.

The Garden also hosts events and activities that allow people to meet each other, learn new skills, and contribute to worthwhile and interesting community projects.

Everyone is welcome, whether you just want to find out more about us, attend one of our events, or become a volunteer. We are also happy to host groups and organisations for various activities.


Community Garden Past & Present

The Garden was founded when Newton Abbot Town Council provided TNA with the use of a piece of land, Vicary’s Field, located near Baker’s Park. The land had previously remained unused for several years, and it was hoped that TNA could use this area to benefit the local community. 

DragonflySince acquiring the land, TNA has constructed and developed Vicary’s Field Community Garden, which now features a pond and many growing spaces.

However, this is an ongoing process, and volunteers continue to work to maintain and improve the Garden.

We would like the Garden’s development and events to be driven by the community, so please contact us if you have any ideas!


For more details about the Garden, events, and volunteering, please contact Betina Winkler (the Garden Manager) at

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